Police Dependants' Trust
+44 20 8941 6907
3 Mount Mews
High Street
TW12 2SH
The Police Charity caring for those injured on duty, and their loved ones, for life. Providing targeted support and financial assistance to any officer injured on duty anywhere in the UK, the Police Dependants' Trust is always there. And they are there for them because they are there for us. Day and night, 365 days a year, they are the ones who run towards danger in our hour of need. In the last twelve months, over 5,000 police officers have been beaten, stabbed, shot at, had acid thrown in their face, and even murdered whilst protecting the public and dealing with over 8 million calls for help this year alone. They have seen things no-one wants to see, have had to deal with unimaginable trauma on a daily basis, and have witnessed some of the most harrowing aspects of humanity. Some of them will never recover, leaving loved ones with no hope, no future, and no support. Those that do need constant support and care. That's where the Police Dependants' Trust comes in.