What is the Bradford Score?

The Bradford Factor, or Bradford Score is a way of illustrating how disruptive frequent short-term absences can be. Bradford scores are used as a way of identifying individuals with serious absence and patterns of absence worthy of further investigation. It is often used as a 'trigger' for performance procedures but is a 'blunt instrument' too often used blindly by HR Managers. The Bradford Calculation is:

S x S x D = Bradford Points Score

S is the number of occasions of absence in the last 52 weeks.
D is the total number of days absence in the last 52 weeks.

The score is only an indicator. All supervisors and managers should be aware of their colleagues reasons for being on sick leave. Any days missed as a result of maternity, disbaility or indeed injury on duty should not form part of the Bradord calculation. The Unsatisfactory Attendance Procedure Regulations state that it is the first line manager that is responsible for invoking UAP procedures NOT a Bradford score generated by a HR Department! The Bradford score is not a replacement for normal supervisory and welfare responsibility. It should rarely need a HR department to point out an individual who may be of concern as regards attendance. The score should not be used in isolation as the driver for UAP procedures as every case is different and all factors should be considered in each case.

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