How do I leave the police service
You can retire, you can resign or you can be dismissed.

The first two both require you to give the Force at least a months notice and up to a maximum of three months notice. It takes that long for the payroll and HR systems to get everything in place for you and the Force to part company and all mail is sent to your home address.

Your force will have a form that needs to be completed on which you specify the date you wish to cease being a police officer from as well as some personal details such as forwarding address.

In order to retire you should have completed sufficient pensionable service to allow you retire. This varies within the two current systems and there is also provision for ill-health retirement for those who cannot continue to serve. Further advice will be available from your local federation office or HR department.

Dismissal by the Force is the end result of either a misconduct hearing, or stage three of either the unsatisfactory performance or unsatisfactory attendance procedures. There is further guidance on these issues elsewhere in the frequently asked questions. If you need any help with this topic why not speak to your local rep.
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