Can I claim for medical charges
Regulation 35, Police Regulations 2003 outlines claiming expenses.
Reimbursement Of Medical Charges

a) A member of a police force, if the charges are incurred by reason of an injury received without his default (i.e. not the officers fault) in the execution of his duty as a constable, shall be reimbursed any charges incurred in his case under section 77 (charges for drugs, medicines or appliances or pharmaceutical services), 78 (charges for dental or optical appliances), 79 (charges for dental treatment) of the National Health Service Act 1977.
b) For the purpose of sub-paragraph (a), 'injury' and 'injury received in the execution of duty' have the same meanings as they have in the Police Pension Regulations

Some forces have suggested that this is at the Chief Constable's discretion. This is an entitlement: it is not at the Chief Constable's discretion.
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