Can you explain the complaints grading system.
Complaints are now graded into three categories:

Grade 1
These are complaints which, if substantiated, will result in police officers receiving no more than operational advice. These are not disciplinary findings. Officers will be given the opportunity to give an early account (not under caution) and these cannot be used in formal proceedings. The intention is to conclude these complaints quickly to avoid long waiting periods between officers receiving a notice and them being able to give their accounts and having the matter closed.

Grade 2
Complaints are those of alleged misconduct on the part of the officer. For police officers, if a grade 2 complaint is substantiated it could result in a misconduct meeting, the maximum outcome of which is a final written warning which lasts for 18 months.

Grade 3
These are the most serious complaints which may require a criminal, as well as a Misconduct Investigation. Complaints of this level, if substantiated could result in a Misconduct Hearing, the maximum sanction from which is dismissal without notice from the service.
Category: MISCONDUCT, [86]