Summary of changes to Regulations April 2012
An outline of the changes to Regulations and Determinations applicable from 1st April 2012 following the circulation of amendments to Determinations issued by the Home Secretary.

Some will require work to be done in Forces in respect of changes to policies, procedural guides, SPP recipient post list ,etc. There are still a couple of changes to Regulations in respect of part time working and replacement allowance which will follow when published by the Home Office.
  • The Chief Officer may after consulting with the JBB and the members affected allowing them at least 30 days to make representations - announce that he intends to bring into operation a VSA and bring the arrangements into operation not less than 30 days after that announcement.
  • Save for Constables who complete their initial training, or complete two years' service as a constable or a constable on pay point 2 who completes a further year's service between 1st April 2012 and 31st March 2014
  • NO Constable, Sergeant, Inspector or Chief Inspector shall move to a higher pay point during that period.
  • No new applications for CRTP will be entertained between 1st April 2012 and 31st March 2014, only applications made before the 1st April for those officers entitled to the payment before 1st April 2012 shall continue to be progressed. A re-application by an officer who was in receipt of CRTP as at 31st March 2012 is not a new application.
  • The minium overtime entiltlement of four hours for a recall to duty between to shifts is abolished.
  • A rest day cancelled with less than 15 days notice is compensated by overtime at time and a half, but the further enhancement of double time for those cancelled with less than five days has been abolished.
  • An officer who has a period or periods of maternity leave for which the expected date of birth is the 1st April 2012 or a later date is entitled to be paid as respects the first eighteen weeks of any period or periods of maternity leave, or elect to receive half pay in the fourteenth to twenty third weeks of the period instead of receiving full pay in the fourteenth to eighteenth weeks.
  • Essential and Casual users allowances have been increased.
  • SPPs have been abolished from 1st April 2012, but those officers who are entilted to receive SPPs for the period 1st January 2012 to 31st March 2012 will receive a quarter of the annual amount.
  • An 'Unsocial hours Allowance' will be paid to Constables, Sergeants, Inspectors and Chief Inspectors in respect of each FULL HOUR worked by members between 8pm and 6 am. This will be paid in arrears on a monthly basis at the rate of 10% of the members hourly rate of pay.
  • An 'Away from Home Allowance' shall be paid to Constables, Sergeants, Inspector and Chief Inspectors of £50 in respect of every night on which the member is held in reserve - which is defined as serving away from his normal place of duty (whether because of s24 of the Police Act 1996 or otherwise) AND is required to stay in a particular specified place ratheer than being allowed to return home. A member is not held in reserve if they are serving away from his normal place of duty only by reason of being on a training course or carrying out routine enquiries.
  • A 'Hardship Allowance' of £30, shall be paid in respect of every night when the member is held in reserve AND is not provided with proper accomodation which is defined as a room for sole occupation by the member with an ensuite bathroom.
  • There are amendments to removal expenses.
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