What is my maternity leave entitlement?
Police Maternity Leave
The maximum period of maternity leave is 15 months, which can be taken in one or more periods. The period during which maternity leave can be taken commences six months before the expected week of childbirth and ends no later than 12 months afterwards. The ability to take maternity leave in more than one period allows the member to return to work for e.g. a court appearance or training course, and then resume maternity leave. It can also be used to take annual leave during a break in maternity leave; otherwise any accrued but unused annual leave should be carried over to the next leave year.(However, any impact on pay should be considered).

PNB Circular 2014/23 says that a woman who takes maternity leave has two rights to leave: one to maternity leave and another to annual leave as provided by Police Regulations and determinations and/or the Working Time Regulations for the annual leave year in question. She must be able to take both types of leave. Usually this should not be an issue as the annual leave can be accommodated within the leave year(s) in question.

However, if a woman is unable to take all of her annual leave in the leave year due to being on maternity leave, then she should be allowed to carry it over into the appropriate leave year when she returns to work. Where a woman is able to take her annual leave before she starts her leave year (for instance because her maternity leave starts close to the beginning of the annual leave year, or because the baby has been born prematurely) exceptions should be made to carry over policies to allow women to carry the remaining period of leave into the appropriate leave year e.g. a woman will be able to carry over leave that she was unable to take into the leave year in which she returns to work. However, if there is insufficient time within that leave year to take the leave, she should be able to carry over the remainder into the next leave year.

The scheme allows members to choose when they will commence any period of maternity leave provided that it commences no later than the expected date of childbirth - see Branch Board 025/2017 for further details.

A period of up to 52 weeks shall be reckonable for pay increments and leave purposes for all officers on maternity leave.

Paid Maternity Leave
Eighteen weeks' paid maternity leave is available to a female member who:

(a) at the beginning of the 11thweek before the expected date of birth, has served continuously for a period of not less than one year, and

(b) at 15 weeks before the expected week of childbirth remains pregnant or has given birth prematurely and at that date the baby remains alive.

Members entitled to paid maternity leave will be paid for the first 18weeks of their leave. Part-time members will be paid for the first 18weeks at the rate calculated by reference to their appropriate factor.

Members may, with the agreement of their chief officer, elect to extend their final five weeks' pay to 10 weeks at half rate.

Statutory Maternity Pay
Members who have at least 26 weeks' service by the end of the 15thweek before the expected date of birth are entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) for 39 weeks. Please refer to the Federation's Maternity Guide for Women Police Officers for details.

The police maternity pay to which a member is entitled will be reduced, in respect of any week in which she receives SMP, by an amount equal to the SMP that she receives for that week. Where a member elects to extend her final five weeks of police maternity pay to 10weeks at half pay, the pay to which the member is entitled will be reduced by half of the amount of SMP that she receives for that week.
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