Can I claim mileage/travelling expenses when working on a rest day?
Where an officer is required to duty on a public holiday or on a rostered rest day his/her period of duty shall include the time occupied by him/her travelling to & from his/her place of duty. This will be disregarded where the period of duty exceeds 6 hours.

Relevant Travelling Expenses may only be claimed where a member of a police force is:-
  • i) required to perform his normal daily period of duty in more than one tour of duty, or
  • ii) recalled to duty between two tours of duty,

  • and travels to and from his home between tours, or, as the case may be, in consequence of his recall (in this paragraph referred to as "relevant travelling")

  • Relevant travelling expenses shall be treated as expenses incurred in the execution of duty, and, unless they are expenses in respect of which an allowance is payable under these Regulations and determinations thereunder, the member concerned shall be reimbursed those expenses to the extent they do not exceed such reasonable limit as the chief officer of police may fix.

  • Regulation 34, Annex V(5), Police Regulations and Determinations 2003

    NOTE: Some forces offer a different interpretation of this regulation and will pay mileage for police officers working on a rest day (not a re-arranged rest day). Seek out your local force travel policy/procedural guide to confirm any local variation for this regulation.
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