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I have been developing computer related solutions for policing for over 25 years.

My experience and expertise is predominantly in desktop based client server database systems having developed numerous systems using various technologies over many years. Pocket FedRep was initially released on the Android and Apple iOS stores but with the ever increasing variation of mobile devices I decided to move to a web based application to broaden device compatibility and made the application free to use. I was a serving police officer for over 30 years and a Police Federation rep for over 13 years prior to my retirement which was the incentive for developing this system.

Currently I maintain this site at my own cost to support serving officers. If you have any suggestions for additions to this program, questions that you would like included or you have identified any errors in the information or details contained within it please email the me at I welcome your suggestions and will make the necessary corrections and additions as required.

If you find the site useful and you want to make a donation towards its upkeep then you can donate via PayPal.
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