Pocket FedRep is a quick reference guide for information relating to those frequently asked questions about UK Police Regulations. Borne out of a need to know what your rights and entitlements are as a serving police officer. This program can be used for those times when your local federation representative is unavailable to answer that burning question. All of these answers can be found on the Police Federation site with a little searching and also in their quick reference guide (Pocket QRG) but it is hoped you may find this resource easier to search and use.

As Crown Servants police officers do not have access to industrial rights at this time and their role is unique in society. Contrary to popular belief however police officers do have rights and entitlements enshrined in Police Regulations and Determinations. Pocket FedRep sets out to answer the questions police officers frequently ask.

As well as being a one stop source for answers the program also contains contact details for all police federations in addition to links to their websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts which will help for those times when the question for which you need an answer cannot be found. The power of the 'smart-phone' also ensures that this information can be used to make calls from compatible devices directly, as well as providing navigation details to offices.

Although police regulations are enshrined in law there are local variations and interpretation of what the regulations are actually endeavoring to achieve. With this in mind there may be occasions when information contained within this database may not provide the whole picture. Know who your local representative is and make use of them for definitive guidance in these circumstances. At a time when 'self-appointed experts' seem to have so much influence over policing knowing your rights and insisting on them will ensure that the best police service in the world does not continue to get taken for granted. Make sure the demanding role you fulfill receives the recognition it deserves by exercising your rights and accepting nothing less than your entitlements.
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