Can I work part-time after returning from maternity?
You do not have an automatic right to work part time, but you may request part time working or other flexible working patterns at any time during your service. The Force must treat your application seriously and consider whether you can work in your current post on a part time basis, whether there is some other post that you could undertake part time, or whether you could job share with another part time worker. The Force should provide you with reasonable operational reasons why you cannot work part time.

Student officers (probationers) can also work part time, although their probation period may be extended and particular periods e.g. some periods of training may have to be undertaken on a full time basis. If your application is approved it is best to move to part-time when you return to duty from maternity leave, not before or during your maternity leave because your circumstances may change whilst you are on maternity leave.
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