I would like to know about acting duties and pay.

I have been asked to perform as an Acting Sergeant/Inspector but have been told there is a qualifying period. Also, am I entitled to overtime? If so, at what rate?

Acting up arrangements are designed to meet short term needs. Each financial year (1st April - 31st March), you are required to work 10 complete days for which no extra payment is made.

The allowance shall only be payable for a maximum of 46 days in any one continuous period. Where a member is absent from duty for one or more periods each of no more than two weeks, he shall be entitled to an acting up allowance in respect of those periods if he would have been entitled to such allowance if he had been on duty throughout those periods (e.g. annual leave / sickness, during acting) there can also be a continuation of entitlement to the allowance across financial years, until there is a break.

Qualified acting Sergeants and acting Inspectors are entitled to Temporary Duty Allowance after those 46 days.

Any overtime incurred whilst acting will be paid at your substantive rank - i.e.

  • 1) an Acting Sergeant's overtime will be paid at Constable's rates and
  • 2) an Acting Inspector's overtime will be paid at Sergeant's rates but only during the first 10 working days and on any Rest Days or Bank Holidays during the entire period of Acting.

No overtime is payable on a normal working day once the first 10 working days of Acting have been completed by Acting Inspectors.

If you are an officer who has been promoted to a temporary rank, there is no requirement to work a qualifying period and you will in fact progress through the pay scales of your temporary rank until you revert back to your substantive rank. If you are promoted again to a temporary rank, you will automatically start at the same pay point of that rank where you left off when temporarily promoted.

As with other allowances, the acting up allowance is not pensionable.
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