How do I join the police federation?
All serving police officers up to the rank of Chief Inspector can become members of the police federation. There are two types of membership. The first is as a non subscribing member.

The other type of membership which brings additional benefits is that of a subscribing member. The cost currently for the latter is £21.58 a month (£4.98 a week). Student officers will also benefit from reduced subscription fees during the first two years of their service, year one is a quarter of the full amount, year two is half the full amount. The main benefit of this type of membership is the availability of legal advice and support during discipline cases and employment disputes. If you are not currently a subscriber then the application form can be obtained from your local federation branch. In addition since 2015 automatic membership of the Police Federation was removed from legislation so officers can also choose to be non-members.

In addition you can claim tax relief on your subscriptions, the monthly amount deducted won't reduce but the Inland Revenue will adjust your tax coding to take into acount the current amount of relief which is about £140 per year. You need to write to the local tax office and make them aware, a standard letter can be provided by most police federations to their officers.

When completeing the tax 'proforma letters' they must be completed with your home address details, and not those of your work.
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