What allowances am I entitled to?

Overnight Allowance (Residential Courses Only) - £4.43per night with a maximum of £17.77 per week, however if the officer has to attend a weeks course they can claim the preceding Sunday night at £4.43. Overnight allowance in other circumstances must be receipted and reasonable if any cost has been incurred.

Force Mileage Rate is 40 pence per mile.

Refreshment/Subsistance - must be reasonable and receipted.

Flat Rate Expense Allowance - £140.00 from 6.4.2008 which is offset against your tax code.

Also, if you are injured on duty, an officer can claim for the reimbursement of medical charges (Reg 35). The Force must recognise it as an IOD.

London weighting £2,349 (from 1 July 2015)

Dog Handlers Allowance £2,196 (from 1 July 2015)

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