What do I do when I become pregnant?
Notify District/Departmental HR department (if you have one) and request a Maternity Pack. Your supervisor should carry out a Risk Assessment immediately and at reqular intervals throughout your pregnancy your views should be considered.

This pack will be sent to you and will contain details about when to notify the force you are commencing maternity leave, your entitlements to attend appointments, risk assessments and types of duties you can be expected to carry out. Also your entitlements to maternity leave/pay.

If you encounter any problems, or need support contact your Federation Representative.

An officer who has a period or periods of maternity leave for which the expected date of birth is the 1st April 2012 or a later date is entitled to be paid as respects the first eighteen weeks of any period or periods of maternity leave, or elect to receive half pay in the fourteenth to twenty third weeks of the period instead of receiving full pay in the fourteenth to eighteenth weeks. (WINSOR 1)
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