Adopting a child, paid leave entitlement.
Adoption leave The maximum period of adoption leave is 52 weeks. All paid adoption leave is reckonable for incremental pay and leave purposes. A member must commence adoption leave within a period of 14 days ending with the date on which the child is expected to be placed with the member.

Paid adoption leave
A member who is a child's adoptive parent is entitled to one week's adoption leave on full pay, at or around the time of the adoption, irrespective of their length of service.

Members who have served continuously for at least one year at the end of the week in which s/he is matched with a child for adoption are entitled to full pay for the first 18 weeks adoption leave followed by up to 21 weeks at Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP) then up to 13 weeks of unpaid adoption leave. Part-time members will be paid for the first 18 weeks at the rate calculated by reference to their appropriate factor.

Members may, with the agreement of their chief officer, elect to extend their final five weeks' pay to 10 weeks at half rate.

Statutory adoption pay
Members who have completed 26 weeks' service by the end of the week in which they are notified of being matched with a child for adoption will be entitled to take up to 52 weeks' Statutory Adoption Leave - the first 39 weeks with Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP), followed by 13 weeks of unpaid Additional Adoption Leave, around the time of placement of the child. The one week adoption leave referred to above will be included within this entitlement, at the full rate of pay.

The police adoption pay to which a member is entitled will be reduced, in respect of any week in which s/he receives SAP, by an amount equal to the SAP that s/he receives for that week. Where a member elects to extend his/her final five weeks of police adoption pay to 10weeks at half pay, the pay to which the member is entitled will be reduced by half of the amount of SAP that s/he receives for that week.
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