What is a friend?
A friend may represent a fellow officer in Misconduct matters from the service of a Regulation 15 Notice and throughout the Unsatisfactory Performance Procedures. A friend may be any serving Police Officer.

Whether or not an officer is to be legally represented they should be reminded at an early stage of the right to be accompanied to the hearing by a friend or, where applicable, a legal representative. The role of the friend or legal representative will be to advise and assist the officer concerned, including speaking on the officers behalf, calling and/or questioning witness and/or producing witness statements, other documentation or exhibits to assist the officers case. Both the friend and the officer concerned should be given adequate duty time to prepare for the hearing (at which the friend may wear plain clothes). The Federation has a number of officers who are specially trained to undertake the role of friend.

Paragraph 3.23 Home Office Guidance Regarding Interviewing of Officers The object of interviewing an officer about a possible failure to meet standards is twofold; first to provide the officer concerned with an opportunity to give his or her account of the matter and, second, to enable the officer to offer any explanatory detail which might serve to explain or defend the matter. The officer may not be compelled to answer any questions put to him or her during interview. Interviews should be tape-recorded.
Category: MISCONDUCT, [32]