2008 Misconduct & Performance Regulations (Taylor Reforms)
On 1st December 2008 new Misconduct & Performace Regulations come into force, also sometimes referred to as the 'Taylor Reforms'. These replaced the previous Misconduct and Unsatisfactory Performance Regulations and significantly change the way that misconduct and performance matters will be dealt with.

Misconduct Regulations
Misconduct can be dealt with in three ways.

Where the misconduct is of a very minor nature it may be referred back to your supervision for management action. No formal action will be taken against you but an action plan may be put in place.

More serious matters, but not so serious that it may mean losing your job, then a meeting will take place on district with a Chief Inspector. If the meeting finds against you then you will be given a written warning (lasts 12 months) or a final written warning (lasts 18 months).

Should the matter be so serious that continued employment within the Consabulary may come into question (Gross Misconduct), then a Hearing will take place before a misconduct panel. This could result in you losing your job.

Local Resolutions still remain in place for minor matters.

Performance Regulations
If your performance is called into question then your supervisor will have a discussion with you and agree an action plan. Improvement in your work that are deemed to be deficient will be expected. If you fail to improve you will be required to attend a First Stage meeting where you will be served with an improvement notice setting out what is required of you. Although the notice stays in effect for 12 months you will be expected to improve in the required areas within 3 months. Failure to do so, or improving in the first instance and then lapsing at any time within the 12 month period will result in a requirement to attend a Second Stage meeting.

This will be with a more senior supervisor and may result in a second improvement notice. Failure to improve on this occassion within the three month period or future lapses within 12 months, will result in a Third Stage meeting. This is the final stage and held in front of a panel. This panel has the power to dismiss you.

In certain cases where Gross Incompetence has been alleged the matter can go straight to a third stage meeting.

In certain circumstances matters may start off as misconduct but may be put back to district to be dealt with as a performance issue.

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