Misconduct Funding
Criminal Matters
If you are arrested or interviewed in respect of a criminal matter then any initial legal advice that you receive is covered by the Legal Aid Scheme as it is for any person in similar circumstances.

Due to recent changes in the Legal Aid Scheme you would not be covered for any meetings with a solicitor at their office, nor would you be covered for legal representation at a Magistrates Court and possibly not at Crown Court with the new means testing rules being during 2009).

If the circumstances which led to the Criminal Complaint are DUTY RELATED then you will probably be covered for further representation under Federation Fund rules. If the matter has nothing to do with Police Duty then you will not be covered for legal assistance under fund rules. In all cases your Fed Rep will be able to advise you accordingly.

Misconduct Matters
If you are subject of misconduct proceedings then generally speaking you will be covered by Federation fund rules for legal assistance as deemed appropriate. Please note that in these circumstances you do not have a right to decide who will represent you legally. The Police Federation as a rule will instruct our retained solicitors, Russell Jones & Walker. In cases where there is a conflict the Federation Office has a list of alternative solicitors who have experience in dealing with Police Misconduct, who will be used.
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