I have been served a Reg. 15 notice, what do I do?
Under the 2008 Misconduct Regulations a Regulation 15 Notice has the same effect as a Regulation 9 notice under the 2003 regulations.

A Regulation 15 notice informs you that you are being investigated for a misconduct matter and It is served upon you as soon as possible so that you are given the best possible chance of recollecting the incident and making notes accordingly.

Under Regulation 16 of the new regulations you have the right to make a written response to the Regulation 15 notice. However, you only have 10 working days in which to make your response (the day the notice is served is not included in this figure). Failure to do so could result in an adverse inference being drawn against you should the matter go to a hearing.

It is important that when you are served with a Regulation 15 notice that you contact your Federation Rep. immediately.
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