Is my pension affected by family leave?
Paid family leave is automatically pensionable, meaning that members pay pension contributions on the salary they receive and in return it counts as pensionable service.

Unpaid leave, other than the first 26 weeks of maternity leave, can only count as pensionable service if pension payments are made in respect of it. Members of all three police pension schemes are able to buy back the following types of unpaid family leave:
  • Unpaid maternity leave
  • Unpaid maternity support leave
  • Unpaid adoption leave
  • Unpaid adoption support leave
  • Unpaid parental leave
At the time of writing members of the Police Pension Scheme (PPS) 1987 and the New Police Pension Scheme (NPPS) 2006 should have the opportunity to buy back periods of unpaid adoption, unpaid adoption support and unpaid maternity support leaves which were taken since 1 September 2014. The Home Office has recently agreed to further backdate the buy-back of unpaid maternity support leave in these two schemes to 3 April 2011, and we expect this change to be made in early 2019. We also await an amendment to the regulations to allow for the buy-back of unpaid shared parental leave in all three schemes. Members should contact their pensions' administrator for further information.

Assuming a member had not opted out of the pension scheme, any period of unpaid maternity leave after the first 26 weeks can be bought back. The rate of buy-back is calculated at the appropriate pension contribution rate (e.g. 14.25% for PPS1987 members.11% or 12.05% for NPPS2006 members and 12.44% or 13.44% in the PPS2015) of the last pay the woman received immediately before she went onto unpaid leave. In most cases this will be SMP at the lower rate.

However, it is important to note that a Keeping in Touch (KIT) day taken during the unpaid period will mean that the remaining period of unpaid leave will have to be bought back at the appropriate pension contribution rate of full pay.
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