What is shared parental leave and pay?
Currently, Police Regulations and Determinations2003 set out Membersí entitlement to Additional Maternity Support or Adoption Support Leave. These were based on the statutory additional paternity leave provisions. Following the publication of the Children and Families Act 2014 statutory additional paternity and pay was replaced by Shared Parental Leave and Pay.

PNB circular 21/2014 and Home Office Circular 011/2015 set out the agreement to provide Members with an entitlement to Shared Parental Leave.

Shared parental leave lets parents share leave and statutory pay in the first year following the birth or adoption of a child. Parents can choose how they allocate shared parental leave between them and whether they wish to take the leave separately or at the same time. To qualify a Member must share responsibility for a child with one of the following:
  • His/her husband, wife, civil partner or joint adopter
  • The child's other parent
  • His/her partner (if they live with the Member and the child)
Shared parental leave is also available to intended parents in a surrogacy arrangement and prospective parents in the fostering to adopt system.

More details can be found on the government website.

The federation advice leaflet is here.

Statutory Shared Parental Pay
Members who meet the statutory eligibility requirements are entitled to Statutory Shared Parental Pay.

Further details of the statutory provisions can be found on the same government website linked above.
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