What is family leave?
Details of the provisions can be found in Police Regulations 2003 as follows:

  • Leave for ante natal care - Regulation 33, Annex Q
  • Police maternity scheme - Regulation 29, Annex L and Regulation 33, Annex R
  • Police adoption scheme - Regulation 33, Annex R
  • Keeping in Touch days - Regulation 33, Annex R
  • Maternity support leave, adoption support leave, and parental leave - Regulation 33, Annex S
  • Time off for dependants - Regulation 33, Annex T
Guidance on the above provisions is also contained in the Police Federation's Equalities handbook and the Maternity Guide for Women Police Officers,also available from your Branch Board office.

Further guidance on managing maternity and related issues is contained in PNB Circular 10/05

Children and Families Act 2014
In addition, to the above provisions Home Office Circular 011/2015 confirmsthe Secretary of State's decision to extend the principles of the Children and Families Act 2014 to police officers in England and Wales, to reflect the relevant statutory provisions available to other workers. These are:
  • Prospective fathers/partners and/or intended parents in a surrogacy situation may be granted unpaid time off to attend up to two antenatal appointments with a pregnant woman;
  • From 5 April 2015, mothers, fathers and adopters may choose to share parental leave around their child's birth or placement;
  • Shared parental leave and pay will also be available to adopters, prospective parents in the 'fostering for adoption' system, and intended parents in a surrogacy arrangement;
  • From 5 April 2015 unpaid parental leave will be extended to cover children up to age 18 from the current five years of age;From 5 April 2015 statutory adoption leave and pay will reflect entitlements available to birth parents;From 5 April 2015, intended parents in surrogacy and 'foster to adopt' arrangements will be entitled to adoption leave and pay and paternity leave and pay.
These provisions will need to be translated into Police Regulations and Determinations 2003. However, Home Office Circular 11/2015 advised police forces of the Home Office's intention to change legislation as specified above and PFEW expects forces to apply these provisions in the meantime.

For more detailed information see HOC 011/2015
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