What do I do if I have been injured on duty?
Any injury suffered whilst on duty (e.g. assault, a road traffic accident, falling over loose equipment, disease, stress etc.) should be reported by the member in writing to his/her supervising officer and/or in whatever form the force requires. This may assist in getting an injury award, should further aggravation or deterioration result, even at a much later date.

Sick pay may be abated by statutory benefits if the member is on full sick pay.

An injury received at any sport or game will not be regarded as an injury on duty unless the sporting activity is part of a training programme or otherwise carried out in duty time under a specific order (e.g. PSU training).

In respect of any injury suffered by a member (whether or not incurred on duty) s/he should notify the Branch Board Secretary with a view to obtaining advice as to the possibility of a civil claim and/or a claim under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.
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