Is attending a meeting in the evening a recall to duty?
If I remained on my day shift, 8 to 5, then went to a meeting 7pm to 9pm, would this be a re-call to duty and, as such count as overtime at time plus a third?
You should adjust your shift to cover the commitment, so work a 13-21 instead. It would not be a recall to duty because in effect you are not being 'recalled', it is of your choosing. If you needed to work a longer day, having to come in and do the day shift and then continue on then this would be O/T at time and a third.

In relation to a true recall to duty, when required to perform your normal daily period of duty in more than our tour (Split Duty) Or Recalled to work between two tours of duty and you travel to and from your home between tours. In calculating any period of overtime, the time occupied by a member in relevant travelling shall be treated as a period of duty.
Category: DUTY, [12]