Can I claim four hours for working on a rest day?
Police Regulations 2003, Annex H.

Where an officer is required to do duty, or is recalled to duty, for a period of less than 4 hours on a public holiday or a rostered rest day or, for a part-time officers, a free day, such a period or each such period, shall be treated as though it were a period of 4 completed hours, more commonly referred to as 'claim a minimum of four hours'.

The only exception to this is where a period of not more than one hour of duty on a rostered rest day or, for a part-time member, a free day, immediately follows a normal daily period of duty (or, in the case of a part-time member or a member working in accordance with variable shift arrangements, a rostered shift. In this instance the period of not more than one hour of duty counts as the number of period of 15 minutes actually completed.

If you therefore continue working on from a shift into a rest day (usually crops up on the last night tour into rest days) then you must work 'more than one hour'. That doesn't have to be 15 minutes, it could be just one minute. You can then claim the minimum of 4 hours overtime. If you work less than the 1 hour you can claim only for each 15 minutes, so if you work 36 minutes for example you can claim 30 minutes. The rate of pay is time and one half.
Category: DUTY, [110]