What happens if I am sick on my annual leave?
Police Regulations 2003 do not explicitly deal with the interaction of annual leave and sick leave. We consider that a day cannot simultaneously be regarded as both a day of sick leave and a day of annual leave.

As the Regulations are silent as to the manner of notification and rearrangement of annual leave we consider that a memberwho has booked a holiday but who is then injured or becomes ill and unable to take the holiday should be able to cancel the annual leave and take it at a later date.

With regard to the position of a memberwho becomes ill on holiday, we recommend notification of the position to the force as soon as possible so as to maximise the prospect of being able to reclaim annual leave.

PNB Circular 2014/23 states that where an officer is sick during a pre-booked period of leave they should be allowed to take that period of leave at another time, subject to providing evidence they were sick e.g. a medical certificate
Category: DUTY, [11]