Temporary promotion.
Acting up duties are designed to meet short term needs.

After acting up for 46 days, an officer will be moved from acting duties to temporary promotion unless he/she is not qualified for promotion or there is an overwhelming operational emergency.

In addition to the position after 46 days (acting duties), temporary promotion should be used from the outset when a need has been identified which is likely to be for a lengthy period e.g. maternity or ill health cover or a new project. An officer can only be temporarily promoted if qualified under the Police Promotion Regulations. An officer who has been temporarily promoted to a higher rank will be paid on the point s/he would have been entitled to if permanently promoted. Additional pay on temporary promotion is pensionable. Service in the higher rank on temporary promotion is reckonable for salary increases in both the substantive and the higher rank. Service in the higher rank counts if the officer is temporarily promoted again at a later date.
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